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New in the Culinary Arts Collections

2019-10-03 14:49

For more information on HSP's holdings, please see our online catalog, Discover.

Inns, Tales and Taverns of Chester County by Meg Daly Twaddell

UPA/Ch TX 909 .T86 1984

Philadelphia Epicure by Turquoise Erving

UPA/Ph TX 907 .E65 P45 1986

In Chocolate We Trust by Peter Kurie

UPA/Da HC 108 .H47 K87 2018

As American as Shoofly Pie by William Woys Weaver

UPA TX 721 .W365 2013

American Advertising Cookbooks by Christina Ward

TX 643 .W37 2019

The Pennsylvania Memorial Home Cook Book

TX 652 .C37 no. 138

Mrs. Wilson’s  Cook Book by Mrs. Mary A. Wilson

TX 652 .C37 no. 137

Inglenook Cook Book

TX 652 .C37 no. 136

The Paul Revere Album by Howard W. Spurr

TX 652 .C37 no. 135

The Fine Art of Food by Reay Tannahill

TX 652 .C37 no. 134

The Cooking Patriot

TX 652 .C37 no. 153

Foods and Food Preparation

TX 652 .C37 no. 152

The Woman’s Club of Fort Worth Cook Book

TX 652 .C37 no. 151

How to Use a Chafing Dish by Mrs. S. T. Rorer

TX 652 .C37 no. 148

365 Luncheon Dishes

TX 652 .C37 no. 146

Columbia Cook Book

TX 652 .C37 no. 149

Glenside Cook Book

TX 652 .C37 no. 147

Rumford Complete Cook Book by Lily Haxworth Wallace

TX 652 .C37 no. 133

Presbyterian Cook Book

TX 652 .C37 no. 132

Rare Old Recipes compiled by Mrs. W. Hinckle Smith

TX 652 .C37 no. 131

Delta Gamma Cook Book

TX 652 .C37 no. 130

East Orange Cook Book compiled by Miss Acker

TX 652 .C37 no. 129

Cabbage Patch Famous Kentucky Recipes

TX 652 .C37 no. 128

The Warren Cook Book

TX 652 .C37 no. 145

Our Woman’s Exchange

TX 652 .C37 no. 143

Choice Recipes by Seattle Women

TX 652 .C37 no. 142

The Carolina Housewife by Sarah Rutledge

TX 652 .C37 no. 141

Ye Kirke Cookerie compiled by Mrs. Adella B. Anderson

TX 652 .C37 no. 140


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