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New in the Historic Culinary Arts Collection

2021-07-01 14:15

For more information on HSP's holdings, please see our online catalog, Discover.


Foods and Their Adulteration


TX652 .C37 n.544



Encyclopedia of Junk Food and Fast Food


TX652 .C37 n.545



Junk Food


TX652 .C37 n.546



A History of Wine in America


TX652 .C37 n.547



The All New Purity Cook Book


TX652 .C37 n.548



Consuming Culture


TX652 .C37 n.550



The Meal


TX652 .C37 n.551



Consuming Passions


TX652 .C37 n.553



Modern Culinary Art


TX652 .C37 n.554



Good Housekeeping


TX652 .C37 n.555





TX652 .C37 n.556



New England Cookbook


TX652 .C37 n.557



For Maids who Brew and Bake


TX652 .C37 n.558




The Fat of the Land


TX652 .C37 n.559



Kitchen Antiques


TX652 .C37 n.560



Progress: An Episode in the History of Hunger?


TX652 .C37 n.561



Traditional Portuguese Recipes from Provincetown


TX652 .C37 n.562



Mrs. Gardiner's family receipts from 1763, Boston


TX652 .C37 n.563



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