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New Items Added to the Genealogical Collection

2019-06-06 14:56


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Genealogy of the Swansons of Philadelphia by Eugenia Small Wallace Eberle

Fa 929.2 S936e 2013

Frequently Asked Questions About Jewish Genealogy by Warren Blatt

JGSP CS 21 .B53 1996

One Branch of the Eli Tuthill Family by Jean L. LaPorte

Fa 929.2 T8841 1991

Coulon de Villiers translated by Samuel L. Russell

F 1030 .C685 R73 2018

Northumberland County, Pennsylvania Families by Gregory Edwin Price

UPA/Nl F 157 .M8 P47 2018

Pennsylvania Line

UPA/PAM F 148 .P466 1978

Liberal Progressives & Immigration Restriction, 1896-1917 by Rivka Shpak Lissak

PAM JV 6493 .L5 1992

Eisenhower Family

Fa 929.2 E365e 2010

Historic Heraldry of Britain by Anthony R. Wagner

CR 1612 .W3 1948

Cumberland County, Pennsylvania Quarter Session Dockets, 1750-1785 by Diane E. Greene

UPA/Cu F 157 .C8 C83 2000

The New Loyalist Index, vol. 3 by Paul J. Bunnell

REF E 227 .B86 1998

The Park Family of Pennsylvania: 1793-1993 by Clarence D. Stephenson

Fa 929.2 P375s 1993

Guide to Research Materials in the North Carolina State Archives

UNC CD 3424 .N67 1974

Every Day Remembrance Day by Simon Wiesenthal

JGSP DS 123 .W47 1987

Early American Jewry by Jacob Rader Marcus

JGSP E 184 .J5 M22 1951

Facing the New World: Jewish Portraits in Colonial and Federal America

JGSP E 184 .J5 F34 1997

Portraits of the American Jewish Family

JGSP E 184 .J5 P6 1989

This Land of Liberty: A History of America’s Jews by Helene Schwartz Kenvin

JGSP E 184 .J5 K34 1986

Jewish Ancestors? A Guide to Jewish Genealogy in the United Kingdom

JGSP CS 432 .J4 G85 2006

Jewish Ancestors? A Guide to Jewish Genealogy in Lithuania

JGSP CS 879 .A2 2005

Shores of Refuge by Ronald Sanders

JGSP DS 125 .S284 1988


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Submitted by William Joseph ... (not verified) on

I am William Joseph Prindle from Columbia, California. The first person in our family came to this country under the name of Prindgle from Scotland in 1659 and finally settled in erie county area. I have a bible that the family bought in 1822 and has been in the family all this time. I have no one to give it to I want to know would like to have it. you are my last hope to find a home for it. I am 76 so i not be around to much longer. I would hate to se it go to th dump. E -mail is   thank you for your time William Prindle

Submitted by on
Hi there, William.

Thanks for thinking of us! We don't collect Bibles, but you can check with the Erie County Historical Society or the Library Company of Philadelphia. One of them might be interested.


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