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New Resources in the Culinary History Collection

2022-07-29 14:08

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The Food of the People

TX652 .C37 n.827

Papa Cribari in Cucina

TX652 .C37 n.828

Marketing and Meal Planning

TX652 .C37 n.829

True Grist

TX652 .C37 n.830

Straight up or on the rocks

TX652 .C37 n.831

The Master Book of Soups

TX652 .C37 n.832

The Settlement Cook Book

TX652 .C37 n.833

Near a Thousand Tables

TX652 .C37 n.834

The Viandier of Taillevent

TX652 .C37 n.835

Early French Cookery

TX652 .C37 n.836

Traditional Foods of Britain

TX652 .C37 n.837

The Neapolitan Recipe Collection

TX652 .C37 n.838

Feeding a City

TX652 .C37 n.839

All American Cheese and Wine Book

TX652 .C37 n.840

Orange Roofs, Golden Arches

TX652 .C37 n.841

Book of Household Management

TX652 .C37 n.842

Making Mead

TX652 .C37 n.843

Making Mead

TX652 .C37 n.844

Dr. Chase’s Recipes

TX652 .C37 n.845 

Starving the South

TX652 .C37 n.846


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