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New Titles Added to the Culinary Arts Collections

2020-03-05 10:42

For more information on HSP's holdings, please see our online catalog, Discover.

Passover Menu Planner

PAM TX 724 .M36 P37

Exchange Lists for Meal Planning

RC 662 .E93 1986

The Lewis Institute Bulletin of Recipes

TX 652 .C37 no. 193

The Christmas Cook

TX 652 .C37 no. 256

Getting What We Need Ourselves by Jennifer Jensen Wallach

GT 2853 .U5 W34 2019

Well-Behaved Taverns Seldom Make History by M. Diane McCormick

UPA TX 950.57 .P4 M394 2018

Esquire’s Handbook for Hosts

TX 731 .E85 1999

The International Cook

TX 725 .A1 I57 1980

Picnics, Parties and Snacks Around the World by Mary Ann Zimmerman

TX 725 .A1 Z5 1967

Easy Ways to Delicious Meals

TX 757 .E3 C367

Old-Fashioned Dutch Oven Cookbook by Don Holm

TX 823 .H6 1989

Recipes to Remember

TX 715 .E27 1961

Campbell’s 100 Best Recipes

TX 715 .C185 1976

Campbell’s Great Restaurants Cookbook, U.S.A.

TX 725 .A1 C24

Ladies Auxiliary Cook Book

TX 715 .L33 B464 1974

Food Stuff by Aysen Gerlach

TX 715 .F663 G47 2018

The Thousand Dollar Dinner by Becky Libourel Diamond

TX 737 .D43 2015

Indian Cookin’  by Herb Walker

E 77 .I41 v. 7 no. 17

Mrs. Rorer’s Vegetable Cookery and Meat Substitutes

TX 837 .R8 1909

Cherokee Cooklore

E 77 .I41 v. 8 no. 3


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