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New Titles in the Culinary Arts Collection

2021-03-18 09:00

For more information on HSP's holdings, please see our online catalog, Discover.

Southwestern Cookery: Indian and Spanish Influences

TX 652 .C37 no. 325

Cool, Chill, and Freeze

TX 652 .C37 no. 334

Hand-Book of Practical Cookery by Pierre Blot

TX 652 .C37 no. 333

Cooking in Old Créole Days by Célestine Eustis

TX 652 .C37 no. 332

High Living by L.L. McLaren

TX 652 .C37 no. 331

Six Little Cooks by Elizabeth Stansbury Kirkland

TX 652 .C37 no. 330

Consuming Passions: A History of English Food and Appetite

TX645 .P84 2001

Chocolate and Cocoa Recipes

TX652 .C37 no.432

The Del Monte Fruit Book

TX652 .C37 no.433

Jello-O: America’s Most Famous Dessert

TX652 .C37 no.434

The Vivendier

TX652 .C37 no.435

National Cookery Book, Compiled from Original Receipts

TX652 .C37 no.436

Leonardo’s kitchen note books

TX652 .C37 no.437

America Eats

TX652 .C37 no.438

Out of Kentucky Kitchens

TX652 .C37 no.439

Sundae Best

TX652 .C37 no.440

Yankee’s Main Dish Church Supper Cookbook

TX652 .C37 no.441

Home Canning

TX652 .C37 no.442

The Old Farmer’s Almanac Colonial Cookbook

TX652 .C37 no.443

A Plain Cookery Book for the Working Classes

TX652 .C37 no.444

Baker's best chocolate recipes

TX652 .C37 no.445

The Cincinnati Cookbook

TX652 .C37 no.446

The Oldest Cuisine in the World

TX652 .C37 no.447

The Good Housewife: Sallets and Salmagundis

TX652 .C37 no.448

The Good Housewife: Rare Receipts

TX652 .C37 no.449

New Perfection Cook-book…

TX652 .C37 no.450

Aunt Jenny’s Favorite Recipes

TX652 .C37 no.451

Famous Chocolate Recipes

TX652 .C37 no.452


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