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Pennsylvania Collection Additions Continued

2016-11-10 12:00

We're back this week with a rundown of yet more books all about the Keystone State that were recently added to our library. Click on the links for more information on each book from our online catalog Discover.

Quill and Graver Bound by Alexander Lawrence Ames

UPA ND 3035 .P42 A44 2016

Nine Wineries with One Love

UPA/Lh G 3822 .L4 L4 2016

Legend of the Delaware Indians and Picture Writing by Richard C. Adams

UPA F 99 .D2 A3 1997

Lehigh Valley Transit Company, 1934-1953 by Benson W. Rohrbeck

UPA/Lh TF 725 .L44 R64 2001

Garden Spot Trolleys By Benson W. Rohrbeck

UPA/La TF 724 .P4 C85

Philadelphia: A Railroad History by Edward W. Duffy

TF 25 .P5 D84 213

Trolleys of the Pennsylvania Dutch Country by John D. Denney, Jr.

UPA HF 5425 .P4 D43

PTC Rails by Frederick A. Kramer and Samuel L. James, Jr.

TF 725 .P5 K73 1996

An Inside Story of PRT & PTC by Mervin E. Borgins

UPA/Ph TF 725 .P5 B67 1995

Study of Alternatives: East Broad Top Railroad

UPA TF 25 .E36 S78 190

Trains, Trolleys & Transit by Gerry Williams

UPS/Ph TF 725 .P5 W566 1998

Philadelphia in Motion by J.W. Boorse, Jr.

TF 725 .P5 B66 1976

Rail Transit Philadelphia by Henry Elsner and Richard Vible

UPA/Ph TF 725 .P5 E47 1989

Trolleys of Berks County, PA by Harry Foesig

UPS/Bk TF 725 .B37 F6

Lancaster Central Market Cookbook by Phyllis Good

UPA/La TX 714 .G65 2015

Central Market: Cornerstone of the Lancaster Community

UPA/La HF 5472 .U7 L363 2009

Fresh From Central Market Cookbook by Phyllis Pellman Good

UPA/La TX 714 .G65 2009

Mennonite Community Cookbook by Mary Emma Showalter

TX 715 .S65 2015

A Railroad for the Southern End by Mike Roth and Stanley T. White

UPA TF 24 .P4 R68 2013

Pennsylvania Trolleys by William D. Volkmer

UPA TF 724 .P4 V65 1997


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