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Recent Additions to the Historic Culinary Arts Collection

2021-02-18 09:37

For more information on HSP's holdings, please see our online catalog, Discover.

Chafing-Dish Recipes by Gesine Lemcke

TX 652 .C37 no. 361

Favorite Recipes of Famous Chefs by Emma C. Caron

TX 652 .C37 no. 359

Brides’ Favorite Recipes

TX 652 .C37 no. 355

Tennessee and Virginia Cook Book

TX 652 .C37 no. 354

American Frugal Housewife by Mrs. Child

TX 652 .C37 no. 250

Ice Cream and Cakes

TX 652 .C37 no. 349

New System of Domestic Cookery

TX 652 .C37 no. 348

Cook Not Mad or Rational Cookery

TX 652 .C37 no. 346

Ye Gentlewoman’s Housewifery by Margaret Huntington Hooker

TX 652 .C37 no. 345

Kansas Home Cook-Book by Mrs. C. H. Cushing and Mrs. B. Gray

TX 652 .C37 no. 329

Home Cookery Ladies’ Indispensable Companion

TX 652 .C37 no. 328

Directions for Cookery in Its Various Branches by Eliza Leslie

TX 652 .C37 no. 327

Mrs. Porter’s New Southern Cookery Book by Mrs. M. E. Porter

TX 652 .C37 no. 326

Fifty Years of Prairie Cooking

TX 652 .C37 no. 325

Midwestern Home Cookery

TX 652 .C37 no. 324

Along the Northern Border: Cookery in Idaho, Minnesota and North Dakota

TX 652 .C37 no. 323

One Hundred Recipes for the Chafing Dish by H. M. Kinsley

TX 652 .C37 no. 322

The Improved Housewife by Mrs. A. L. Webster

TX 652 .C37 no. 336


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