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New Genealogical Resources Now Available

2012-12-27 09:02


Several new genealogical and family history titles were recently added to HSP's library.  Click the links below and find more resources in our online catalog Discover.

Census Substitutes & State Census Records: Eastern States by William Dollarhide

REF  HA 181 .D65 2008 v. 1

Courthouse Research for Family Historians by Christine Rose

REF CS 49 .R66 2004

Genealogical Proof Standard [3rd ed.] by Christine Rose

REF CS 47 .R67 2009

Early Lee Family of Lyme and East Lyme, CT

Fa 929.2 L477e 2010

Wanderings & Ponderings: Autobiography by Donald Townsend Little

Fa 929.2 L778L 2012 v. 1

German Genealogical Research by George Schweitzer

REF E 184 .G3 S348 2003

Medical College of Pennsylvania Alumnae/i Directory

R 692 .M48 1996

Heraldry in Historic Houses of Great Britain

CR 492 .W63 2000

A Better Place: Death and Burial in 19th Century Ontario by Susan Smart

CAN GT 3213 .A3 O67 2011

Business Directory and Gazetteer of Bucks County, PA

UPA/Bs F 157 .B8 A1 1871

Farmers’ Directory of Crawford County, Pennsylvania

F 157 .C77 1909

The Lybarger Descendants by John L. & Lee H. Lybarger
DISK CS 71 .L98 2012

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Submitted by Bill Rolph (not verified) on

Do you do research on individuals to help determine family lineage? In this case, to help me trace back a few generations beyond my grandfather’s father and grandfather in Hummel Hemsted, England (near London)? The family owned and operated a book store and stationer shop (one and the same business), before immigrating to Ottawa, Canada in the later 19th Century.

Confirmation is needed about the links to Thomas Rolph (18th century). Later, when this is done, the intention is go back a few hundred years, if possible.

Do you have specialists in English-Irish-Scottish genealogy, familiar with the county and immigration records of the UK and the USA?
If yes, I would provide you with information I have that would speed things along, e.g., dates and places of birth.

This research would be original in nature as well as confirmation of what has already been documented. The challenge here is minor multiple and overlapping individual family documents that raise more questions than answered. Best example from this point is about the English brothers of great, great-great, and great-great-great grandfathers who are not linked sufficiently, so it is hard to connect the dots accounting for migratory and immigration patterns of family movements.

The starting place would be my grandfather, who immigrated from Ottawa to Seattle and San Francisco in 1906+. It is his father and grandfather and great-grandfathers that need to be verified in name etc.

Your reply shall be appreciated. Thank you.

Submitted by Lauri Cielo on

To research family history, you could visit HSP's library. For more information, click the "Plan Your Visit" link above. Or you could utilize our "Research by Mail" service and have one of our staff members perform research for you. Research by mail can be reached at Good luck with your research!

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