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New Genealogical and Family History Resources in the Library

2013-06-06 09:41


Here are some recent additions to HSP's genealogical and family history holdings. The clickable links will take you to each book's record in our online catalog Discover. You can continue your search there to find other information on our collections.

Finding Your Irish Ancestors by David S. Ouimette

REF CS 486 .O95 2005

Jim and Mildred Cohick by Carl B. Taylor

Fa 929.2 C679t 1983

Czech Immigration Passenger Lists: Baltimore 1880-1899 by Leo Baca

REF  CS 68 .B2x v.9

Scots-Irish Links: 1575-1725 by David Dobson

REF CS 432 .S3 D6 pts. 4-9

Scots-Irish Links: 1825-1900 by David Dobson

REF CS 432 .S3 D63 2009

Scottish-German Links: 1550-1850 by David Dobson

REF CS 626 .S36 D63 2011

Scots-Scandinavian Links: 1550-1850 by David Dobson

REF DL 42 .S34 D63 2005

A Sourcebook for Genealogical Research by Foster Stockwell

REF CS 9 .S76 2004

Mayflower Families Through Five Generations: John Howland

REF F 63 .M39 v. 23 pt. 3

The Settlers of the Beekman Patent, Dutchess County, New York

UNY F 127 .D8 D53 1990 v. 10

The Ulster Port Books: 1612-15

REF HE 557 .I73 U47 2012

Scots-Dutch Links in Europe and America: 1575-1825 by David Dobson

REF CS 826 .S36 D63 vols. 1-2

Scots-French Links in Europe and America: 1550-1850 by David Dobson

REF CS 464 D627 2011

Barbados and Scotland Links: 1627-1877 by David Dobson

REF CS 261 .B3 . D63 2005

Creating Your Family Heritage Scrapbook

REF CS 14 .N47 2001

They Came to America: Finding Your Immigrant Ancestors by Megan Smolenyak

REF CS 16 .S65 2003

Time Traveller’s Handbook: A Guide to the Past by Althea Douglas

REF CS 9 .D69 2011

Juan Ponce de Leon: His New and Revised Genealogy

UPR CS 259 .P662 A64 2010

Crafting a Personal Family History…Hinds Family in New York’s Adirondack Mountains

Fa 929.2 H662h 2011


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Submitted by Jackie Nelson-B... (not verified) on

My Great Grandmother: Catherine Walsh-Nelson was born in Philadelphia, PA on 5/26/1894 and died, 6/6/1949. Her parents: John Walsh, born in 1870, Ballina, Ireland and her mother, Anna McDermott-Walsh born in County Mayo, Ireland in 1872.
My Great Grandfather: Howard Joseph Nelson, born in Philadelphia, PA on 1/14/1890 and died on 1/21/1978. His parents: Jonathan Nelson was born in Sweden in 1854. Mary ?-Nelson was born in Wilshire, PA in 1860.
I would love to find my ancestors. If anyone can help me find them, I'd appreciate it very much. I'm trying to find sites that don't cost money to join. I haven't found any yet that can help me without having to pay for the information.
My Grandfather: Joseph Howard Nelson born in Philadelphia, PA on 5/22/1921 and died In August, 2003 in Naples, FL. I have his siblings first names but no middle names. I have their D.O.B. and some of the names of their children.
Thank you.

Jackie Nelson-Barkley

Submitted by sheila weissenberger (not verified) on

Applied for naturalization 1854; worked in mill and lost a finger; became a Phila policeman; never spoke English. Lived on 146 Levering St and also Ridge Road. Do you have any listing of mill employees?
I have a picture of him and a woman,unsure if either first or second wife,taken by WG Entrekin in Manayunk before 1880. Does anybody have the photographer's collection? I'd like to know which wife.
Also, what is easiest way to get info about his first wife's background? She was Catherine, buried in German Lutheran cemetery in 1874 or 1875.All I have been able to find are two Katherine Gollers with no parental data and no tombstone.
He married Elizabeth Weirich in 1875 and moved to West Virginia after 1880 until his death in 1911.
Would Dr. Barbara Gustenberg have any papers? She delivered child of John George and Katherine in Sept 1864.

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