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HSP Launches Podcast Series For Teachers

2014-02-28 15:34

HSP has launched a new podcast series based on Preserving American Freedom. The series allows teachers to hear from the historians themselves in how they use primary documents in their own respective classrooms and on the importance of engaging students with primary documents. 

Listen to historians talk about the importance of primary sources in relation to their own essays on the website, hear how the website fulfills Common Core Standards, and discover how a high school teacher has already made use of the website in his classroom.

The website Preserving American Freedom was unveiled by the Historical Society of Pennsylvania,  earlier in the year.  It explores how Americans viewed and fought for history from the 17th century to the present.  Preserving American Freedom also provides tools for students and teachers to use the 50 primary documents available on the site and the contextual scholarly articles that go with them to learn more about freedom throughout American history.

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I am afraid HSP is not running any tours of homes this spring. Anyone else out there know?

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