American Labor: What's it Look Like In Your Classroom?

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American Labor: What's it Look Like In Your Classroom?

2014-05-01 13:26

Teaching American labor in history class will help your students recognize that the work place today is a result of the struggle, change and progress of workers, unions, employers, and industries across time.  Tuesday, May 6, attend a teacher workshop at HSP on this subject and receive a copy of Organizing Pennsylvania Workers.

HSP's newly published unit plan on the topic, Workers United: The Knights of Labor, focuses on the organization and uniting of The Knights of Labor by groups of workers organizing as early as 1806. These early associations were often accused and tried for conspiracy, just for discussing things that are commonplace in our labor laws today! 

The integrity of workers' rights, conditions and pay has not been something easily taken for granted in the past. The HSP quarterly, Pennsylvania Legacies, recently published this season's publication, titled Organizing Pennsylvania Workers, which colorfully reveals much about the conflict, causes, and development of labor groups and the idea of workers' rights becoming a focus of public and political interest. Getting your copy of this season's publication will be a nice addition to your read list, as it includes articles specifically written for teachers and students, and will shed new light on what it means to work in America!

Our students' future job opportunities will have been a product of the history that they learn in the classroom today, so don't miss out on HSP's resources to help you plan out your American Labor lessons!


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