A Thanksgiving to Remember

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A Thanksgiving to Remember

2015-11-24 21:49

This Thanksgiving, get into the giving spirit by providing your students with more holiday-themed cartoons. The cartoon attached to this post was published in the Philadelphia Inquirer on November 26, 1908 shortly after President Taft was elected. The caption says, “The Thanksgiving Spirit is World Wide,” and it even features William Jennings Bryan in the gravy bowl.

When using this cartoon with students, remember to talk about how President Theodore Roosevelt promised he would not run for a third term, so he instead gave his support to William Howard Taft. The support of the former President gave Taft the boost he needed to win the election. Hopefully, next Thanksgiving, our 2016 Presidential elections will end with a turkey of peace and prosperity as well.

If you would like to order prints of this cartoon or other images from our Digital Library, please contact RNR@hsp.org



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