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Emilie Davis's Civil War

2016-01-27 15:50

What was life like for a twenty-something free black woman living in Philadelphia during the Civil War? If you are interested to know, please check out our latest unit plan, Emilie Davis’s Civil War: 1863-1865. This unit provides teachers with an understanding of Philadelphia during the Civil War through a voice not often heard in the traditional narrative.

By comparing and contrasting Emilie’s experiences to the experiences of others during the same time period, students will be able to view multiple perspectives on key moments in our history, such as Lincoln’s assassination and the Battle of Gettysburg. Davis's tiny pocket diaries tell the story of a regular girl who attended school, spent time with friends, and went about her daily life all in the shadow of a brutal and bloody war.  

This unit was made possible by the Memorable Days Project at Villanova University. All of Emilie’s Diary entries can be accessed for free online, and if you wish to include the diaries in your next field trip or outreach program, please contact Education Manager, Alicia Parks.

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