New Modes of Transportation

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New Modes of Transportation

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railroads, transportation, Philadelphia & Reading, Germantown & Norristown, balloons, Blanchard, 18th century, Aero Club, aeronautics, John Wise, Arthur Atherholt, 19th century, 20th century

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Pennsylvania Railroads

-The Germantown & Norristown Railroad line was the first built in Philadelphia in 1832.

-In 1833, construction on the Philadelphia & Reading Railroad began, connecting the city to anthracite coal mines in the western part of the state.

-In 1870, the Philadelphia & Reading Railroad leased the Germantown & Norristown Railroad lines, along with several other lines, creating a large network of rail lines under their operation.

-Railroad lines have left a permanent mark on the city, with buildings and communities forming around their tracks and stations.

Blanchard's Balloon

-Jean-Pierre Blanchard, a French inventor, led some of the earliest flights by balloon in the world.

-On January 9, 1793, Blanchard took the first balloon flight in America from the Walnut Street Jail yard in Philadelphia.

-Blanchard kept a journal with details on his flight.

-Check out our other NHD topic, Other Early Aeronauts, for information on other balloonists and aeronautic explorers from Pennsylvania.

Other Early Aeronauts

-Aeronautics involves the science of flying and navigating through the air.

-Some of the earliest travel by flight in America occurred in balloons, before the invention of the air plane

-After Blanchard's initial balloon flight, John Wise attempted to fly by balloon in 1835, once in Philadelphia, and another time near Lancaster.

-Arthur Atherholt, also an avid balloonist, founded and led the Aero Club of Pennsylvania, an organization for "educating the public on matters of aeronautics."