JPASS (access to JSTOR) for Friends of HSP

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JPASS (access to JSTOR) for Friends of HSP

In collaboration with JSTOR, we are pleased to offer Friends of HSP a discount for JPASS, a new JSTOR access plan for individuals. Designed for those without institutional access to the JSTOR archival collections, JPASS is ideal for Friends of HSP working outside of academia. It is also valuable for faculty members at institutions with limited access to JSTOR, and for adjuncts with sporadic access to library resources. Regardless of your institutional affiliation, JPASS serves as your personal library card to the rich selection of journals on JSTOR.

We are offering Friends of HSP the 1-year JPASS access plan for $99—a 50% discount on the listed rate. JPASS includes unlimited reading and 120 article downloads—not only to HSP's publications, but to more than 1,500 humanities, social science, and science journals in the JSTOR archival collections.

To use your Friends of HSP discount and sign up for JPASS, email to recieve the custom link.

JPASS has no impact for Friends of HSP who access PMHB on JSTOR through the Individual Access program. You may continue to access them as you regularly do. We recommend that you purchase JPASS if you wish to access more of the JSTOR archive. Please note that your JPASS discount is only available through the above link.