History Affiliates of Southeastern Pennsylvania


History Affiliates: Connecting the Region's History and Heritage Sites produced by Katz Creative


Yesterday was history! What can we do with it today? There are hundreds of small and mid-sized history and heritage organizations in Southeastern Pennsylvania, and they face many similar challenges—a lack of funding, inadequate marketing resources, and a need to attract more visitors, members, and volunteers. To support these organizations in addressing these challenges, the Historical Society of Pennsylvania created the History Affiliates program, which is funded by The Barra Foundation.

The History Affiliates program provides services to support small and mid-sized history organizations through a monthly newsletter, professional development workshops, mentoring through AASLH’s StEPs Program, and our annual awards held in October, which recognizes the accomplishments of the region’s history organizations through its History in Pennsylvania “HIP” Awards. The website serves as a communications platform with a members directory, a resources guide, and other benefits.