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Woodlands Mansion and Cemetery

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The Woodlands is a historic mansion and cemetery in West Philadelphia. Built circa 1770 by William Hamilton and enlarged by him in 1786-1792, the mansion is one of the nation's most sophisticated neoclassical houses from the years following the American Revolution. The Woodlands Cemetery Company was founded in 1840, when it purchased the estate. The Woodlands was a favorite destination for Victorian outings and is the final resting place of many famous Philadelphians.

The collective mission of the Woodlands Cemetery Company of Philadelphia and the Woodlands Trust for Historic Preservation is to preserve and interpret its nationally significant cultural landscape, historic buildings, and cemetery and to make them available to the public as vital educational, environmental, and community resources. The Woodlands houses about 80 linear feet of burial and administrative records of the Woodlands Cemetery Company, 1843-2008.

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4000 Woodland Avenue
19104 Philadelphia , PA
Pennsylvania US
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