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Sports of All Sorts!

With its warm and often sunny weather, summer is a prime season for sports activities across the Northern Hemisphere. Many people enjoy sports as a form of exercise or as a social or leisure activity, while a more select number play professionally. Additionally, sports can bring people together and provide a sense of community or instill a sense of nationalism among both players and spectators.

The Philadelphia area has a rich and extensive sports history. Today, Philadelphia maintains its reputation as a sports town as one of only twelve cities that supports teams from all four major sports leagues in North America.

This display offers visitors a glimpse at some of HSP’s sports materials and considers how tennis, baseball, gymnastics, and bicycling, have changed - or not - over the years.

Case 1: Tennis: Open for All

Case 2: Cricket and Baseball: Battle of the Bats

Case 3: Gymnastics and Rowing

Case 4: Cycling: Hang On To Your Handlebars!