When possible, we recommend taking public transportation to the Historical Society as it is a less stressful and expensive alternative to driving.  If you do prefer to drive, there is parking available on the street and in garages in the neighborhood. 

Street Parking

The metered and kiosk rate for street parking downtown is $2/hour.  There are also some nearby residential streets that offer free 2 hour parking.  Since these spots are in high demand, they are difficult to find and users will be promptly ticketed if they exceed the 2 hour limit.

Discounted Parking

The EZ Park lot located at 1309 Locust Street offers discounted parking to HSP visitors.  To receive this discount, let the parking attendant know that you are visiting HSP and bring your parking ticket to the front desk to be validated.  The special rates are listed below:

Time of DayBefore 5 p.m.After 5 p.m.After 5 p.m.
Days of the Week Monday-Friday  Monday-Wednesday Thursday & Friday
Rate$4 per 1/2 hour$10 flat rate$14 flat rate
Savings20% discount$2 discount$2 discount

Parking Garages

There are a number of nearby parking garages and lots in the neighborhood.  If you are planning to be at HSP for most of the day, taking advantage of a full day flat rate could be the most convenient and money-efficient way to park.  While we encourage you to take advantage of our discounted parking rate in the nearby EZ Park lots, prices do vary at other facilities. Be sure to check the rates before entering the garage to park.