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The October 2018 issue of PMHB explores Pennsylvania's unique histories of food and drink. The articles in this issue uncover connections not just from kitchen to dining room but from Pennsylvania's food history to imperialism, international labor and human rights, abolitionism, and environmental concerns, to name just a few.

Food and Foodways in Pennsylvania History

Front Matter

by Christina Larocco

Pennsylvania: The Foundation of American Cuisine
by William Woys Weaver


Scents and Soda: French Perfume, American Glassworks, and the Rise of the Retail Water Industry
by Tara Dixon

Masters of a Craft: Philadelphia's Black Public Waiters, 1820–50
by Danya M. Pilgrim

From Chow Chop Suey to Dishes in Cans: How Pennsylvania Chinese American Restaurateurs Lost to Racism, Ruffians, Reformers, and Economic Decline
by Susan Boslego Carter

Making Chocolate American: Labor, Tourism, and American Empire in the Hershey Company, 1903–85
by Catherine Koonar

"Brown Bagging is Chic": The Origins and Distinctions of Philadelphia's BYOB Culture
by Stephen Nepa

Hidden Gems

Following the Breadcrumbs: Markoe and Emlen Families Correspondence and Recipe Book
by Tara O'Brien

Consuming the Orient at the 1876 Centennial Exhibition
by Samuel C. King

The Armsby Respiration Calorimeter: Forming Food Animal Foodways
by Nicole Welk-Joerger

Food Will Win the War! The World War I Collection at the Library Company of Philadelphia
by Linda August

The Pennsylvania Food Conservation Train
by Grace Schultz

"No Attempt at Concealment": Ray Sprigle and Pittsburgh's Black Market Meat Scandal
by Leslie Przybylek

"Your Food Is Only as Good as It Looks": The Shenango China Collection at the Lawrence County Historical Society
by Stephanie Vincent

Back Matter