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Architects, artists, musicians and groups that support the arts.

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Horace Trumbauer

    - Established his architecture firm in 1890

    - Designed many private residences including “Grey Towers,” “Chelton House,” and “Lynnewood Hall”

    - Moved into commercial and public buildings midway through career

    - Designed Philadelphia Museum of Art, parts of the Free Library of Philadelphia, buildings for Jefferson and Hahnemann Hospitals, much of Duke University’s campus and Harvard University’s Widener Library.


Fairmount Park Art Association

    - Currently the Association for Public Art

    - First private, non-profit organization dedicated to art in public spaces

    - Created the plan/proposal for the Parkway and a municipal art gallery (which was theforerunner to the Philadelphia Museum of Art)

    - Installed art in Fairmount Park and other public spaces across the city

    - Developed the Annual Outdoor Sculpture Conservation Program, the first in the nation,to care for and restore public art

    - Hold public exhibitions like the world premiere of Open Air


Plastic Club

    - Oldest art organization for women in the United States, founded in 1897

    - Promoted women’s artwork, held exhibitions, offered art classes and hosted social events

    - Also hosted current events classes and lectures led by women leaders, such as suffragists

    - Let in men as of 1991, but continues its work, including offering a membership award for art college grads


The Print Club

    - Established as a medium for the dissemination, study, production, and collection of works by printmakers.

    - Donated its collection of prints in 1942 to the Philadelphia Museum of Art, forming the core of its fledgling print department

    - Renamed The Print Center in 1996, holding exhibitions, education programs, a gallery store and more

    - Began as one of the first organizations of its kind and achieved a national and international reputation and membership


Mary Elizabeth Hallock Greenewalt

    - Graduated from Philadelphia’s Musical Academy in 1893, and in 1897 studied piano in Vienna

    - Began in the early 1900s to investigate how gradated colored lighting might enhance the emotional expression of music and by 1920 had obtained the first of many patents covering a color organ designed to project a sequence of colored lighting arranged for specific musical programs.

    - In combining light and color as a single performance Greenewalt believed she had created a new, fine art which she named  "Nourathar," or essence of light.

    - Although awarded eleven patents, spent a number of years pursuing patent infringements, finding recourse in the courts in 1932 with a judgment in her favor.