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2012-05-16 12:41



We were lucky enough to visit the Woodlands Cemetery in West Philadelphia this April and there may not be a more beautiful and tranquil place to be found in the city. Surrounded on all sides by hectic city life Woodlands is a haven that you don’t have to wait until your funeral to escape to. During their open hours you can take a stroll or a jog, walk your dog, ride your bike, or mosey around and search for your favorite noteworthy inhabitant's final resting place.

If you happen to be in the mood to do some research, the archives at Woodlands is a treasure trove for the genealogist in you. The records of cemeteries commonly take two forms: records documenting ownership of plots, and interment registers which document burials in the plots in the cemetery. The records of Woodlands Cemetery contain detailed information of their interments from the first in 1845 to the present day. For genealogical purposes, interment registers normally are the most useful. In many cases the interment records at Woodlands list family names, ages at death, date of interment, birth and death dates, and location in the cemetery. The plot ownership records may also contain data about the individuals buried in the graves.

Whether you are searching for green space within our lovably busy town, digging up dirt on your family's past, or looking for a place that can be dug up for you...Woodlands Cemetery has the ability to handle it all.

You can find descriptions of the collections at Woodlands Cemetery on the PACSCL finding aid website.

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