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Another Resource for Using "Lincoln"

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Another Resource for Using "Lincoln"

2013-02-22 17:54


The Pennsylvania Department of Education through its Standards Aligned System  website provides Learning Communities around subjects of common interest.  Sally Flaherty who oversees Social  Studies has one with lots of resources for teaching about Gettysburg.

Today she posted that Spielberg's movie Lincoln is now available on DVD. "It is a great movie to be used as an instructional tool for teaching American History. The House Divided Project out of Dickinson College has created an UNOFFICIAL guide to the movie. Take a look at it and consider its use in the classroom to meet the Academic Standards for Civics and Government, and American History

By the way, anyone can join the Learning Community about Gettysburg (or another topic) by registering for free on the SAS website.  No need to be a PA teacher.

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