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Keeping Up with National History Day

2013-12-06 11:32

Here at HSP one of our primary goals is to keep you in the loop of what's going on locally in the educational sphere. National History Day in Philadelphia (NHDPhilly) is a program particularly special to us.  It encourages students to become involved with history by "being historians."

To reach more students and increase the fervor with which students involve themselves, NHDPhilly has launched a crowdfunding campaign using Indiegogo. Raising at least $6000, the campaign will ensure that all participating students will have the basic supplies for the poster project. Additional funding will go towards scholarships that will cover other expenses such as transportation to the state and national competitions. Share and consider supporting the fundraiser here:

HSP and our partners from other cultural organizations,such as the members of PACSCL, support NHDPhilly because it gives you and your students a chance to cultivate and  practice historical literacy, research and critical thinking. Involving your own classroom with NHD can offer an exciting project for your students Check out our NHD page to get access to anything you need to get started and to learn of the amazing resources we have here.

Remain connected by friending us, PACSCL, and NHDPhilly on Facebook and following us on Twitter! Staying connected gives your classroom the advantage.




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