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Put New Recommendations into Your Classroom Now

2013-06-13 08:39

The Pennsylvania Task Force on Economic Education and Financial Literacy Education just released a joint report and recommendations with the Departments of Education and Banking & Securities abut the trends and needs in school-based financial education.  While financial literacy and thrift education are not the same, they are closely related.  Sign up NOW for the Franklin's Thrift Summer Institute to discover how you can use thrift lessons as a way to accomplish.financial literacy  Be ahead of the curve!

The Teacher Institute deadline is looming.  Apply now!  A $100 deposit holds your space but is refundable when the course begins July 14.  Teachers receive room and board as well as travel stipends, with a refundable deposit due after registration.  So the week-long Institute is virtually free and qualifies you for Act 48 and 3 graduate credits!

Task Force Recommendations:
Recommendation 1: Require every Pennsylvania high school student to complete a standalone capstone course on personal finance in order to graduate.
Recommendation 2: Adopt comprehensive, standalone Pennsylvania K-12 academic standards devoted to personal finance.
Recommendation 3: Provide dedicated funding to support high quality K-12 personal finance instruction and teacher training.
Recommendation 4: Develop a financial education instructional endorsement for secondary teachers in Pennsylvania and corresponding program guidelines for professional educator programs.

The full reports can be downloaded on the moneysbestfriend.com.


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