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Thrift - a NEW old concept for the classroom

2012-04-09 14:19

Is Thrift an idea that defines American qualities, or just an old fashioned concept that has no place in modern America?   What does thrift mean today?  What is its relevance in post-Recession America? 

Come and learn for yourself at a Teacher Institute on Ben Franklin's Thrift July 29 through August 2.  Learn about Franklin's three pillars of thrift - Industry, Frugality and Stewardship.  Discover how these ideas apply to 21st century American life, and how you can interweave teaching about these ideas into various subjects, such as history, economics, and family consumer science.

In this Institute presented in consultation with Sally Flaherty of Pennsylvania's Department of Education and the Institute for American Values, the instructors will be experts in the field of Thrift, historic documents and artifacts, and standards aligned system curriculum writing.   Participants will learn how to use primary documents incorporating Common Core standards with the Pennsylvania Academic Standards.

Apply right online now!  The deadline is April 23. 

This institute will be a residential course in Center City Philadelphia, including provision of all meals.   Once the course is complete, all deposits are returned -making the course basically free!  And you can get Act 48 credit and/or three graduate credits through Arcadia University.


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