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Time to Teach World War II?

2012-12-12 11:52

With the Day That Will Live in Infamy last week, I got to thinking about how teachers might find resources on www.hsp.org for teaching about World War II.  While one could just search the whole website, sometimes it is helpful to have an inside guide to know where to look.

In the Unit Plan section, we just put up a SAS-revised plan on Japanese American internment.  Using the Iwata Family Papers and the papers of Philadelphia activist Sumiko Kobayashi, these lessons bring students first-hand experience of internees who were relocated and those who led in the movement for redress.

HSP has a subject guide that lists the various collections related to World War II.  Here you can learn about collections of family letters including correspondence between Mr. and Mrs. Hauck while he was in the Air Force, William Keebler's letters from the Pacific Arena, and Frank Gordon Bradley's from stateside bases.  Anthony Joseph Drexel Biddle's papers present the view of an Army officer and diplomat.  And this is just a sample!

The subject aid also references collections of posters and propaganda.  If you search the Digital Library by "World War II," you can find colorful images of many of posters - great for lessons on how the home front responded to the war effort.

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