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Getting lost in the details...

2010-01-07 15:02

For the past month, I have been working with maps from the General George Meade collection. Four large, flat Hollinger boxes contained hundreds of maps and large documents that range in date from the early 1830s through the Civil War.  The maps require individual treatment and I have enjoyed being able to soak in the aesthetic quality of the maps. While most of the maps are printed, there are a number of manuscript maps and surveys. These are the maps I appreciate the most - I love looking at the intricate patterning, line work and application of colors.  Enjoy the following photographs of hand-drawn details from various maps from the collection.

Click on the images to view larger.


Submitted by Bea (not verified) on

Does this collection include any maps of forts that Meade surveyed on the Twiggs Trail in Florida from 18949-Feb 1850?

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