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Goodbye HINT, Hello "Politics in Graphic Detail"

2015-08-19 10:23

After two long years of poring through HSP's graphics collections, digitizing countless images, researching the history of political cartoons, playing around with high-tech image viewers, painstakingly encoding TEI, creating lesson plans and resources for educators, learning about RDF and metadata standards, and blogging, blogging, blogging, it is time for Historic Images, New Technologies (HINT) staff to sign off on this digital history project.

The adventure isn't over, however. Although the HINT project ends on September 1, the digital history exhibit we developed for the project, Politics in Graphic Detail: Exploring History through Political Cartoons, will debut on September 16.

Here's what you can expect to see:

  • Over 125 political cartoons, keyword searchable, transcribed, and annotated
  • An interactive image viewer that allows you to zoom, pan, rotate, download, and explore transcriptions and annotations for the images in our exhibit
  • More than 200 biographies and descriptions of the people, organizations, and symbols associated with our cartoons
  • An educators' portal with links to cartoons-based curricula
  • Essays by experts in political cartoon history
  • Video and details on how to use the site and learn more about the HSP Image Viewer and our TEI encoding

Thank you for following our progress on this exciting project over the past two years. We hope you enjoy the exhibit!

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