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Hartshorne Family Valentines

2012-02-15 14:57



Happy Valentine's Day from various members of the Hartshorne and Batcheler families! All of the images below were found during the processing of the Batcheler, Hartshorne, and Sahlin families papers (collection 3173). These valentines have a little something for everyone: there are sweet valentines, handmade valentines, lace doilies, misspelled childrens' cards, a charming poem from wife to husband, and one card featuring open heart surgery. 

Valentine featuring a girl playing a piano. Inscription says "Just a little note to say let's be valentines!"

Handmade Valentine addressed "To Granddady" made from a heart-shaped doily.

Handmade Valentine addressed "To Grammy" made from a heart-shaped doily.

Handmade Valentine made from red and white paper hearts addressed "To Mother" and inscribed "I love you."

Handmade Valentine that's a funny face on a red paper heart. Inscription says, "To Ma. I look like this so be mine."

An old-fashioned Valentine featuring a man and a woman in 18th century clothes walking down a garden path.

Hand drawn Valentine featuring a couple snuggling in a car. Inscription says "Won't you do this with me?"

A Valentine with a handwritten poem.

Hand drawn Valentine featuring a surgeon or mad scientist pulling a heart from his patient's chest.

(The inscription on that last one is in pencil and a little hard to read. It says "Here you see your Valentine. I'm dawgon glad that it ain't mine." This is one case in which the inscription doesn't really clear up all of the questions the image creates.)

If you're in the mood for more historical love, you can also read my coworker's blog post about finding a pre-Civil War love note carefully hidden behind a c.1855 daguerreotype. Comme c'est romantique!

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