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Updated descriptions and new finding aids available

Thursday, 3/4/10

We have written a lot about process here on Fondly, Pennsylvania to let you know what projects we have in the works, but I realized that we have not kept up with telling everyone what we've completed.  There are 51 collections included in the Digital Center for Americana project, and at this point, 22 collections have been processed, conserved and digitized (in part).  I thought I'd share a list of those collections as a way to celebrate our accomplishments, and to give interested readers the opportunity to peruse our new finding aids and descriptions.

Small collections, which have descriptions in our OPAC, but not full finding aids:

  • Pierce Butler letterbooks (Am .0368)
  • Daniel H. Emerson diary (Am .062)
  • William F. Colton diaries (Am .10246)
  • Charles R. Mervine diary (Am .10385)
  • Journal of Isaac Jones Wistar (Am .192)
  • Manuscript diary (unknown author) (Am .451)
  • Helen S. Grier diary (Am .6090)
  • Pennsylvania Anti-Slavery Society records (Am .216, .2161, .2162)
  • James E. Wenrick diary (Am .66954)
  • Richard H. Coolidge letterbook (Am .6698)
  • Daniel Dougherty diaries (Am .6702)
  • Civil War envelopes and currency collection (Collection 1605)
  • Charles C. Burleigh papers (Am .8192)
  • William McCarter My Life in the Army (Am .6952)
  • Society of Friends Committee of Women to Inquire into the Condition of Friends Manumitted Slaves minutebook (Am. 7218)

Finding aids are now available for the John Rutter Brooke papers (Collection 78) and the Andrew Atkinson Humphreys papers (Collection 304).

Finding aids and descriptions will soon be available for the rest of the newly processed materials, and we'll keep updating you about our progress on the Digital Center project.


[...] time, staff processed

[...] time, staff processed and improved access to almost 50 collections.  Following up on Cathleen’s previous post, here are just a few highlights.  Others can be found on our [...]

Last fall in an online search

Last fall in an online search I came across a reference to HSP AM #6090, which then was called "Unidentified Civl War Diarly of a Woman Serving with the U.S. Christian Commission Nov . 21, 1 1862- June 6, 1863. Over the course of several months, on a few isolated dates as my work and whatever schedule permitted, I came down to HSP and made an initial transcription of the afore-referenced diary. Since then, that same diary seems to have been clearly identified as that of one Helen S. Grier, 1842-1917. If there is an HSP staff person who is working with this record, I should like to communicate with him or her.

Thank you for your time and attention.


Kerry L. Bryan, M.Ed.

M.L.A. Candidate, U. of PA.

Hi Kerry, I'd be happy to

Hi Kerry,

I'd be happy to talk with you about this diary, which I processed last fall. I will be at HSP only one more week (my last day is May 28), but feel free to email me at cmiller at hsp dot org.


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