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New Civil War Resources Added to the Collection

2013-07-18 10:41


The number of Civil War-related publications in HSP's library just got a little bigger! New additions are below with links to further information, such as holdings and descriptions, in our online catalog Discover.

Well At This Time: The Civil War Diaries & Army Convalescence Saga of Farmboy Ephraim Miner

E 527.5 142nd .M45 2011

Compendium of the Confederate Armies: KY, MD, MO, and the Confederate Unites, and the Indian Units

REF E 546 .S58 2007

Complete Regular Army Register of the United States for One Hundred Years (1779 to 1879) [microfiche]

MFICH U 11 .U5 H3 pts. 1-2

Grand Army of the Republic Personal War Sketches of the African American Members of Post 206

REF E 527.4 .R34 2003

Stop The Evil by Robert I. Alotta

Tl .792 A14555

The Civil War in Pennsylvania

UPA E 527 .K73 2012

James Buchanan and the Coming of the Civil War

E 436 .J36 2012

Searching for George Gordon Meade by Tom Huntington

E 467.1 .M38 H95 2013

The Fragile Fabric of Union by Brian Schoen

USouth F 213 .S37 2009

Almost Free: A Story About Family and Race in Antebellum Virginia by Eva Sheppard Wolf

UVA F 232 .F3 W65 2012

Money Over Mastery, Family Over Freedom by Calvin Schermerhorn

USouth E 445 .M3 S45 2011


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