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New Publications Added to the Balch Ethnic Studies Collection

2017-07-21 15:20

Up this week is a super-sized list of more new books that were recently placed into our Balch Ethnic Studies collection. Click on the links for more information from our online catalog, Discover.

A Voice from the Forest by Nahum Kohn & Howard Roiter

JGSP D 804.3 .K64 1980

The Jews of Vienna and the First World War by David Rechter

JGSP DS 135 .A92 V554 2001

Prisoner 83571 by Samuel Don

JGSP D 804.3 .D66 1991

Auto Atlas CSSR

JGSP G 6510 .G46 1971

The Boys by Martin Gilbert

JGSP D 804.48 .G55 1997

My Romanian Ancestor Quest by Gertrude Singer Ogushwitz

JGSP Z 5305 .R6 O4 1987

Discovering Your Heritage by Alice Eichholz

JGSP  CS 47 .E42 1987

21st International Conference on Jewish Genealogy

JGSP CS 21 .R4 2001

The Old Town and the Royal Castle in Warsaw

JGSP DK 4637 .S7 S7313 1988

The March of Man

JGSP D 11 .M25 1935a

Languages of Community by Hillel J. Kieval

JGSP DS 135 .C95 K54 2000

The Jews of St. Petersburg by Mikhail Beizer

JGSP DS 135 .R93 L463 1989

Krosno z Okolicami

JGSP DK 4800 .K77 B37 1989

Terezinska Pametni Kniha

JGSP D 805.5 .T54 T47 1995

Jewish Life in Austria in the 15th Century by Shlomo Eiderberg

JGSP DS 135 .A9 E35 1962

Vienna and Its Jews by George E. Berkley

JGSP DS 135 .A92 V5214 1988

Carlisle Versus Army by Lars Anderson

GV 958 .U33 A53 2007

America’s Second Tongue by Ruth Spack

PE 1130.5 .A5 S63 2002

Dear America, My Heart Is on the Ground by Nannie Little Rose

PZ 7 .R459 My 1999

The Seminole Wars by John Missall & Mary Lou Missall

UFL E 83.817 .M57 2004

Native American Clothing by Theodore Brasser

E 98 .C8 B737 2009

Edward S. Curtis: Vision of the First Americans by Don Gulbrandsen

E 89 .C883 2010

The Holocaust Survivor Cookbook

TX 724 .H656 2008

Abalone to Zabaglione

TX 725 .A1 B363

The Abduction of Richard Neal by Anthony Morris

E 444 .M677 2015

Fractured Faiths by Roger L. Martinez-Davila, Josef Diaz & Ron D. Hart

DS 135 .N6 F623 2016

Begin with the Past by Mabel O. Wilson

UDC NA 6700 .W37 W55 2016

Michelle Obama: A Life by Peter Slevin

E 909 .O24 S58 2016

Michelle Obama: In Her Own Words ed. by Lisa Rogak

E 909 .O24 A25 2009

Who is Michelle Obama?

E 909.O24 S75 2013

The Audacity of Hope by Barack Obama

E 901.1 .O23 A3 2006

Norwegian Newspaper in America by Odd S. Lovoll

PN 4885 .N6 L68 2010


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