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1/3/2018 Question of the Week

2018-01-03 14:51


In 1687, the Morris family of Philadelphia opened one of the city's first businesses.  This company was later taken over by the Perot family.
What kind of business was it?
Answer: A brewery
One of Philadelphia's earliest breweries was established on Front Street near the Delaware River in 1687 by Anthony Morris (1654-1721).  For well over a century, the brewery remained in the family's hands until the 1820s, when it was turned over to Francis Perot, a successful brewer in his own right who had apprenticed under the Morrises and had become part of the family through his 1823 marriage to Elizabeth Marshall Morris.
A few years earlier in 1818, Perot has built his own brewery on Vine Street above Third Street.  Once he obtained the Morris Brewery, he went into partnership with his brother under the company name of Francis and William S. Perot.  In 1850, the Perots quit brewing altogether and focused solely on malting, the process of turning barley seed into malt, one of the primary components of beer.  After William retired in 1868, Francis continued his malting business with one of his sons, Thomas Morris Perot, and his son-in law Edward Ogden under the name Francis Perot’s Sons Malting Company.
The Morris's original brewery, handed down to Perot family, remained in Philadelphia for over two hundred years.  In 1907, the Perots moved their business to Buffalo, New York, where they were able to produce better products at larger capacities.  The plants in Philadelphia were eventually closed.


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