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Philadelphia-born architect Edmund Bacon (pictured here) earned fame for his work with what local agency during the mid to latter half of the twentieth century? 
a) the City Planning Commission
b) the Philadelphia Housing Authority
c) the Redevelopment Authority
d) the Philadelphia Charter Commission
Answer: a) the City Planning Commission
Edmund Norwood Bacon (1910-2005) was born in Philadelphia to conservative Quaker parents.
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Joseph Priestley (1733-1804)—the famed British theologian, scientist, philosopher, and supporter of the French Revolution—was driven out of Birmingham, England on July 14, 1791.  A few years later, he travelled to the United States and eventually settled in Northumberland County, PA.  A deeply religious man, Priestley often traveled to Philadelphia, where he delivered sermons and encouraged the development of the city’s (and the country’s) first church of this denomination.
What church did Joseph Priestley help establish?
Topics : Religion
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In the 1850s, Philadelphia publishers Blanchard & Lea released the nation’s first text on pharmacy, authored by the gentleman pictured here.
Can you guess his name?
Answer: Edward Parrish 
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What organization was founded in 1962 to assist in the development and enrichment of the city’s Latino community?

Answer: Concilio

Topics : 20th century
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When John Bill Ricketts arrived in Philadelphia from the UK in the 1790s, the “circus” was still a relatively young form of entertainment.
Topics : 18th century
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What Philadelphia-area university has one of the oldest collegiate rugby teams in the nation? 

Answer: Villanova University

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In what East Coast town did the world’s first boardwalk open in 1870?

Answer: Atlantic City

Topics : 19th century
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The man pictured here was a pioneering musician popularly known as the “Father of the Blues.”
Can you guess his name?
Answer: William Christopher “W.C.” Handy
Topics : Arts and Culture
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In April 1933 (eighty-five years ago this month), famed Philadelphia Orchestra Conductor Leopold Stokowski teamed up with what technology company to perform the world’s first concert transmitted by telephone wire?

a) General Electric

b) RCA Victor

c) Bell Labs

Topics : Arts and Culture
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Philadelphia is home to numerous educational agencies that serve many different local ethnic groups, one of which is the National Educational Service Center of LULAC.
What does LULAC stand for?
Answer: The League of United Latin American Citizens
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