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Our latest Question of the Week looks back at U.S. labor history!

Topics : Labor
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In celebration of National Library Week (April 8-14), what local museum and library was founded by William Wagner and has been offering free science courses to the public since its incorporation in 1855? 

Topics : 19th century
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The Fenians were an influential group of Irish-Americans in the 1860s and 1870s. What was the purpose of their organization? 


Founded in the late 1850s, the Fenian Brotherhood was the American offshoot of the Irish Republican (or Revolutionary) Brotherhood, a radical organization that believed in Irish independence and armed resistence to Britain. 

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In 1777, Elizabeth Graeme Fergusson, a staunch patriot, had her loyalty questioned after she took part in two treasonous incidents on the part of her husband, one of which involved delivering a questionable letter to which Revolutionary War general?

Answer: General George Washington

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In March 1894, the Free Library of Philadelphia opened its first central branch in this iconic Center City building.
Can you guess which building?
Answer: City Hall
The Free Library of Philadelphia’s genesis came in the form of an 1889 bequest of $225,000 from George S. Pepper, a local philanthropist, to establish a free, public library in the city. After his death in 1890, Pepper’s nephew, William, brought together a group of people to carry out the bequest.
Topics : Arts and Culture
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In 1932, Anne Brancato Wood—a Philadelphia real estate and insurance broker—became the first…

Topics : Women
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Before retiring to Philadelphia in 1876, the gentleman pictured here lived his life as both an expert gambler and a reformed gambler who became a well-known author.
What is his name?
Answer: Jonathan H. Green
Topics : 19th century
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In 1939, Bishop Paul Yu Pin of Nanking, China, came to Philadelphia wishing to visit the city's Chinese Catholics.  Because he found very few, a local mission was soon formed.
What church was eventually founded as a result of this mission?
Answer: Holy Redeemer Chinese Catholic Church
According to its website, the Holy Redeemer Chinese Catholic Church, located in Philadelphia's Chinatown at 915 Vine Street, was the "first church built for the Chinese in the western hemisphere."  A few years prior to the chu
Topics : Religion
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Paleontologist Edward Drinker Cope (pictured here) developed a keen interest in science at a young age. In 1858, when he was still a teenager, he began volunteering at what Philadelphia area institution?
Answer: Academy of Natural Sciences 
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The Federal Art Project began in 1935 under the Works Progress (later Work Project) Administration.  The Federal Art Project provided hundreds of jobs for artists, particularly African American artists, across the country, including the Philly-based artist pictured here. 
What was his name?
Answer: Dox Thrash
Topics : Depression
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