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In what year were the Philadelphia Eagles established as a professional football team?

Answer: 1933
The seeds of the Philadelphia Eagles were first sown in 1924 when the local Frankford Yellowjackets were granted a National Football League franchise. The team played at Frankford Stadium, which was built in 1923, and won the NFL’s championship in 1926. The Yellowjackets folded in 1931 due to financial issues relating to the team and its stadium, which had been devastated by two fires in 1929 and 1931.
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In 1900, an automotive vehicle manufacturing company opened in Ardmore, Pennsylvania. It was one of the first such companies to be established locally, and one its earliest models is housed in the Smithsonian Institute’s car collection.
What is the company’s name?
Answer: Autocar Company
The Autocar Company was founded as the Pittsburgh Motor Vehicle Company in 1897 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. It initially produced horseless carriages.
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The man pictured here authored a famous fable titled The Lady, or the Tiger? (1882). Born in Philadelphia in 1834, he was also a children’s writer and magazine editor.
What is his name?
Answer: Frank R. Stockton
Topics : Arts and Culture
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In 1912, a group of Philadelphia women, including Margaret Yarnall Newbold, Christine E. Biddle, Gertrude Ely, and Sarah Lowery formed this group that dedicated itself to volunteerism.
What is the name of their organization?
Answer: The Junior League of Philadelphia
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In 1687, the Morris family of Philadelphia opened one of the city's first businesses.  This company was later taken over by the Perot family.
What kind of business was it?
Answer: A brewery
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What year saw the first city-sponsored Mummers Parade?

Check back Thursday for the answer!

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A few decades prior to the formation of the Philadelphia Flyers in 1967, the city briefly hosted its first NHL team.
What was it called?
Answer: The Philadelphia Quakers
Prior to their brief stay in Philadelphia, the Philadelphia Quakers had been the Pittsburgh Pirates. Formed in 1925 as a new addition to the NHL’s roster, the Pirates spent five losing years in the Steel City before moving east. The team moved to Philadelphia late 1930 and was renamed the Philadelphia Quakers.
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This December 17 would have been Anthony Joseph Drexel Biddle Jr.'s 120th birthday. 
Biddle gained much of his fame during World War II, just prior to which he served as ambassador to this country that played a crucial part in that war.
Can you guess which one?
Answer: Poland
Topics : 20th century
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True or false:
Today’s Philadelphia Police Department was formed under the Consolidation Act of 1854, which combined the city and county of Philadelphia under a single jurisdiction.
Answer: True
Topics : 19th century
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The first Philadelphia Flower Show was held in 1829. It was arranged by this organization, which had been founded just two years earlier in 1827.
What is the name of the organization?
Answer: The Pennsylvania Horticultural Society
Topics : 19th century
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