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7/9/2018 Question of the Week

2018-07-09 15:25


What organization was founded in 1962 to assist in the development and enrichment of the city’s Latino community?

Answer: Concilio

Concilio, or the Council of Spanish Speaking Organizations of Philadelphia Inc., was founded in 1962 by a group of Latino leaders who were concerned about the social problems facing the growing Latino community of Philadelphia. As a federation of various Latino fraternal and social organizations, Concilio served as a liaison between the Spanish-speaking community and the rest of the city, and was the first organization specifically founded to address Latino community development. Concilio confronted issues such as discrimination, poor housing, inadequate city services and lack of bilingual education, and sought to establish Latino representation in city agencies and school administrations. In addition to cultural events, Concilio continues to advocate for Philadelphia's diverse Latino community and provide access to health, employment and educational services.

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