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Catching Up on Past HSP Genealogy Workshops

2013-07-31 15:37


Every year, HSP hosts a variety of genealogy-related workshops, from broad overviews to specialized programs. But did you know that we often post video and/or audio of the workshops on HSP's web site after the events have happened?

Some videos and audio files are available only for members, and are accessed through the Members-Only Media Library. Other content is available for all web users. You can find those videos in the Video section of the HSP Media Library.

Here are two recent genealogy-related programs that are currently available to everyone:

Family Legacies: Genealogical Resources for Chinese Americans

(video) Recorded at a May 2013 HSP workshop, genealogist and author Jeanie Chooey Low discussed techniques for interviewing family members and deciphering gravestone inscriptions. For this workshop, HSP staff also created a new subject guide, Chinese Genealogy Resources.

Picturing History

(video) Recorded in July 2012, HSP photograph conservator D’Arcy White presented a lecture on the art of reading photographs.

Members-Only Videos

HSP members can access additional videos and other media through the Members-Only Media Library, which can be found in the Members-Only section of our web site. Here are just a few of the videos of genealogy workshops held at HSP in the last year. You'll find even more on our web site.

Buon Giorno: Italian Records Research

(video) Recorded at a February 2013 workshop at HSP, genealogist Larry S. Fermi discussed what types of records are available for Italy, where to find them, how to read them, and how to use them to extend your Italian family history.

Searching for Your Jewish Family

(video) Recorded at a February 2013 workshop held at HSP, Fred Blum, president of the Jewish Genealogical Society of Greater Philadelphia, shared techniques to track down Jewish ancestors. Blum also discussed his work in locating Holocaust survivors for the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum.

Finding Landless Ancestors

(video) This October 2012 workshop was led by genealogist Gerald Smith, who taught participants how to use city directories, military records, and more obscure sources that researchers may not be familiar with.

Unlocking the Door to Lineage Societies

(video) This October 2012 workshop was led by James M. Beidler, author of an award-winning weekly newspaper column on genealogy and former executive director of the Genealogical Society of Pennsylvania. Beidler discussed the qualifications for various groups like Daughters of the American Revolution, Mayflower Society, and more, and the types of documentary proof needed to complete applications.

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