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Filling in Family Details: School Records

2014-04-10 09:19

Genealogists and family historians may be interested in a new blog post over on HSP's blog "Archival Adventures in Small Repositories." My colleague Sarah Leu writes about using school records to help fill in family details, highlighting some collections at the Plumstead Historical Society.

Of course, school records are not the first or even second resource a new researcher should consult, but for those who are more advanced in their family history projects, these records may provide new insights into the lives of their ancestors.

Click here to read the full post about what Sarah found in the Plumstead Township school records.


Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on

Ellis Thomas was an immigrant from Wales about 1750. I am pretty sure he did not attend school here since he was born in 1730, but I would like to find out what, if any, schools his children may have attended. He lived near the southwestern part of PA and in what became Blacksville, VA/WV. I believe the area was referred to as the "ten-mile country." Thank you for any help you can provide.

Submitted by Dana Dorman on


I'm not familiar with that area offhand, but if I were tackling this, I'd start by looking for published sources about the history of Blacksville, WV or its county (Monongalia), in hopes that someone else has already compiled this info.

I checked in our online catalog (, and didn't find anything listed for Blacksville, but see that we have a book, History of Monongalia County..., that was published in 1883:

Try doing a Google search for the book's title, too, to see if you can find it or other similar sources online.

Good luck!

Dana Dorman

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