Adopted Collections 2009-2017

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Adopted Collections 2009-2017

Thank you to all our generous donors to the Adopt-a-Collection program. Thanks to their support, these collections are in the process of or have now been preserved and made more accessible to researchers. This list includes all donors to the Adopt-a-Collection program from 2009 through 2017.

Click on the collection name to visit the finding aid that was created during collection processing.

If you have a question about a finding aid or the Adopt-a-Collection program, please contact Cary Hutto, Director of the Archives, at 215-732-6200 ext. 301 or If you believe this list is incomplete, please contact Jon-Chris Hatalski, Director of Institutional Development and Grants Management, at 215-732-6200 ext. 220 or


Adopt-a-Collection Donors 2017

Wayne R. Strasbaugh

The Young Friends of the Historical Society of Pennsylvania


Adopt-a-Collection Donors 2016

Abington Junior High School History Club

Joseph Danciger

Joan Hauger

Randall M. Miller

Wayne R. Strasbaugh

The Young Friends of the Historical Society of Pennsylvania


Adopt-a-Collection Donors 2015

Carol Ingald: Contemporary Club Records

Michael McDowell: PA Abolition Society (partial adoption)

Randal Miller: Frank C. Di Pima Papers

Wayne R. Strassbaugh: Richard Peters Papers (partial adoption)

Young Friends of HSP: French Benevolent Society Papers, Judith Shuman Eden


Adopt-a-Collection Donors 2014

Abington Junior High School History Club: Balch Institute Political Ephemera Collection

Lori Cohen: Valley Forge Manuscript Map, Part 1

Mr. and Mrs. Henry Lafayette Collins III: World War I Posters

Mary-Elizabeth Ellard: George F. Parry Family Volumes

Carol A. Ingald: American Society of Testing Materials Collection; Charles H. Sykes Papers; Grim-McFarland-Woodbridge Family History

Marcia M. Falconer: Richard Peter Papers

Theodore H. McCalla: E. Wurster Photograph Collection

Dagmar E. McGill: Big Brothers Big Sisters of America Records; Women's University Club Records; Girls Club of Southeastern Pennsylvania Records

Christine Miller: Pennsylvania Abolition Society Papers; Charles H. Sykes Papers

Randall M. Miller: Asylum Company Papers; Nellie R. Bright Family Papers

Amy Parenth: Henry Charles Carey Papers

Dr. Page Talbott and Mr. James E. Gould: French Benevolent Society Papers

Young Friends of HSP: Theatre of Living Arts, Balch Institute of Ethnic Images in Advertising


Scull and Heap's "East Prospect of Philadelphia" (1754)

The contributions of these generous donors helped to adopt Scull and Heap's "East Prospect of Philadelphia" (1754):

Russell Austin

Victor Blevons

Mark Chauhan

Mankit Chu

Timothy Collins

Susan Egnor

Brian Goo

Jeremy Fassler

Peggy Hartzell

Aradhana Ishwar

MD Saha Jamaluddin

Daniel Katz

Prabhat Kumar

Kevin Le

Gail McCormick

Michael McCormick

Ms. Christine Meier

Girija Natarajan

Mark O'Hara 

Kevin Osman

Anuj Patel

Donna Pointer

Patricia Likos Ricci

Rohan Saldanha

Andrew Sellers

Nirali Shah

William Shipley

Devon Turner

Ernest Wong



Adopt-a-Collection Donors 2013

Randall M. Miller: F. Furman Betts Papers

Robert DeCoursey and Wayne and Carol Strasbaugh: "Plan de la Retraite de Barrenhil on Pensilvanie" manuscript map 

Marcia Falconer: Richard Peter Papers (partial adoption)


Adopt-a-Collection Donors 2012

Philip Price Jr.: Woodlands Documents

Carol Ingald: Women's PSPCA Records (finding aid in progress)

Dorothy J. del Bueno: Violet Oakley Collection (finding aid in progress)

Lewis & Clark Trail Heritage Foundation: Lewis & Clark Heritage Foundation Records

Susan and Steven Raab: George Parry papers

Barbara Deas: Lois Dare Family History Collection

The Young Friends of HSP: Trade Card Collection

Lori Cohen: The American Negro Historical Society Collection 

Abington Junior High History Club: The Frank Gordon Bradley Papers

Henry L. and Suzanne Collins III: The New Constitution of the United States, 1787

Daniel and Donnamarie Dailey: Palmer Cemetery Records 

Howard H. Lewis: John Neagle Papers, Mrs. Howard Lewis Collection, and James Gibson Papers

Randall M. Miller: Leon Gardiner Collection and the Brake and Wineman Families Papers 

Saunders House: Saunders House Records


Adopt-a-Collection Donors 2011

Abington Junior High History Club: Abraham Barker Collection

Lori Cohen: The Arthur C. Bining CollectionCharles A Tracy Collection of Hardie Family Papers; George Wolf Papers

Clarence Faulcon: Viri Viginti Club of Philadelphia Records

Carol Ingald: Women's PSPCA Records (Partially adopted)

Maxine Lewis: Jasper Yeates Papers

Randall M. Miller: World War II Propaganda Collection

Philip Price Jr.: Woodlands Documents (Partially adopted)

Theodore Wood: R.D Wood volumes

Woodlands Cemetery: Woodlands Documents (Partially adopted)

The Young Friends of HSP: HSP's Trade Card Collection (Partially adopted)

Elliott Zayon: Michael and Elliott Zayon Collection


Adopt-a-Collection Donors 2010

Abington Junior High History Club: Edward Hand Papers

George J. Ahern: Pennsylvania Revolutionary Manuscripts

W. Graham Arader: Logan Family Papers

Susan Bell: Hartshorne Memorabilia

Sheila Bodine: Cox-Parrish-Wharton Papers

The Buckman Family Fund of the Community Foundation of New Jersey: The Buckman Collection

Lori E. Cohen: Stephen H. Noyes Papers; Shee Family Papers

Henry L. and Suzanne Collins III: 1st Newport Printing of the Declaration of Independence; The John Galt Collection of Benjamin West Drawings

Mary L. Dugan and the Kennett Underground Railroad Center: Cox-Parrish-Wharton Papers

Bruce K. Fenton: Fenton and Remak Families Papers

Melissa Hozik: William Strahan Letters

Carol Ingald: Women's PSPCA Records (Partially adopted)

Charles J. Ingersoll: Charles Jared Ingersoll Papers

Howard H. Lewis: Benjamin West Drawings

Morris Lloyd Jr.: Mrs. Stacy B. Lloyd Papers

Charles and Mary Mather III: The John Galt Collection of Benjamin West Drawings

Donna Meidt: Pisano and Siciliano Family Papers 

Thomas and Cynthia Moran: Felton Family Papers; Joseph Boggs Beale Papers

Kevin Passerini: Cartoons and Caricatures Collection

The Raab Collection: The James Wilson Papers

Donna Rilling: Cox-Parrish Wharton Papers 

The Young Friends of HSP: Cartoons and Caricatures Collection; The James Wilson Papers; The Minstrel Scrapbook


Adopt-a-Collection Donors 2009

Frank Chew: Digitization of the Chew Family Papers

Lori E. Cohen: Thomas Hutchins Papers, WPA Poster Collection

Clarissa F. Dillon: Thomas Hutchins Papers

Holt Chew Family Management Company: Maintenance of the Chew Family Papers

Carol Ingald: Carl P. Berger Collection; John MacCarley Collection of Willow Grove Concert Programs; Elizabeth Sandwith Drinker Diaries

Karen Kashary: Jonathan Potts Papers

Kensington Soup Society: Kensington Soup Society Records

Howard H. Lewis: HSP Collection of Academy of Music Programs, Playbills, and Scrapbooks

Randall M. Miller: Jonathan Potts Papers; Davis, Brown and Yale Families Correspondence

David Othmer: Engineers' Club of Philadelphia Records

Penn Towne Chapter, The Links, Inc.: William Still Diary