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An endowment at the Historical Society of Pennsylvania is a designated fund that is invested to produce income to make possible the donor’s wishes. Only income from the fund is used while the principal of the account is held in perpetuity. For the interest from an endowment to make a financial impact, there must be a significant amount of money in the endowment fund. This can be paid over a period of years or as one lump sum. You may wish to create an endowment in your name or in the name of someone important to you.

Thank you to those generous individuals and organizations who have established endowments:

The Albert M. Greenfield Foundation -- The Albert M. Greenfield Fellowship for 20th Century History

Stephen Harmelin, Esq., Joseph Jacovini, Esq., and the Law Office of Dilworth Paxson, LLP --The Richardson Dilworth Fellowship for Law, Politics, and Reform

Mrs. George C. McFarland -- The Esther Ann McFarland Fellowship in memory of Judge William Lewis

Please consider the following opportunities for prominent and permanent recognition of your endowed gift to HSP.

Named Staff Endowment Opportunities Cost
President and CEO $3,000,000
Senior Director of the Library and Collections $1,750,000
Senior Director of Programs and Services $1,750,000
Director of Publications and Scholarly Programs $1,500,000
Director of Archives and Collections Management $1,250,000
Digital Services Manager $1,000,000
Director of Research Services $1,000,000
Director of Conservation $200,000
Cataloguer $200,000

Endowed Program Opportunities Cost
Building Maintenance Fund $2,000,000
Technology Fund $2,000,000
Teacher Institute $1,000,000
Collections Acquisition Fund $400,000
Professional Development Fund for HSP Staff $100,000
Display Endowment Fund $100,000
Annual Lecture or Speaker Series $75,000
Research Fellowship $40,000