After-School Help for Students Tuesday through Friday this Fall

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After-School Help for Students Tuesday through Friday this Fall

2015-10-15 14:52

HSP is pleased to announce the expansion of its student mentor program. HSP’s Student Mentors are now available Tuesday through Friday after school to help students one-on-one with their research or National History Day project.

These trained volunteers work with students to identify sources for their research in HSP’s collection of over 21 million items. With personalized attention, mentors guide students in all aspects of research: how to search for items, analyze and evaluate sources, develop an argument, and create bibliographies. Mentors also help students to transcribe documents and edit papers to ensure historical accuracy and clarity.

No appointments are necessary. First-time students will be paired with a mentor and given a research orientation. Students with specific questions or those wishing to get extra help may contact Alicia Parks, HSP’s Education Manager. Grade 6-12 students are welcome to research in HSP’s historic Library and Archive for free.


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