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HSP, Google Partner for New Exhibit

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

PHILADELPHIA, PA–As part of the Google Arts & Culture project, the Historical Society of Pennsylvania (HSP) has created a new exhibit, The Presidency in Times of Turmoil, featuring more than 70 images from HSP's collections. 

Historic political cartoons are visual proof that political consensus has never been a feature of American political debate. When viewed critically, however, they can provide a shared base of evidence for understanding the politics of the past and present. 

From 1793's A Peep into the Antifederal Club and its unflattering portrait of Thomas Jefferson, to the depiction of Theodore Roosevelt with a wailing baby in 1908's Take It AwayThe Presidency in Times of Turmoil includes cartoons touching upon salient political issues from the late 18th-century through the early 20th-century. 

The exhibit is freely accessible online

HSP is home to thousands of political cartoons. Interested readers are encouraged to explore the collections through the online Discover catalog, Digital Library, and in Politics in Graphic Detail: Exploring History through Political Cartoons, an exciting and innovative digital history exhibit featuring more than 125 cartoons digitized as part of the Historic Images, New Technologies (HINT) project. 

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