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E.g., 2020-02-25
E.g., 2020-02-25
E.g., 2020-02-25
Sun, 2020-02-16 13:40

HSP and Taller Puertorriqueño are proud to announce the launch of the website “Neighbors/Vecinos.” The website documents 200 years of Puerto Rican heritage in Philadelphia and is the end product of a project to explore how communities can create cultural programs of meaning for their members

Wed, 2019-12-18 13:50
A new document display features books, photographs, and manuscripts documenting the complex history of Philadelphia’s labor movement.
Strikes, Strife, and Assimilation: 100 Years of Philadelphia’s Labor History includes organizational records from historic trade unions, scrapbooks containing early newspaper cover
Wed, 2019-07-24 10:24

“The Long Journey to Abolishing Slavery in the United States” document display is now available to view through February 21.

Mon, 2020-02-03 14:31

Virtue, Liberty, and Independence?” Incarceration in Pennsylvania History document display opens on November 12.

Wed, 2019-11-06 11:53

A new document display features books, photographs, posters and more.  What Plagues Our City: The History of Public Health in Philadelphia, examines Philadelphia's fraught history with epidemics.  Learn more about the role of African Americans in treating those with yellow fever, how black and gay communities helped with raising early a

Mon, 2019-09-30 11:14

The Historical Society of Pennsylvania with its partners, the Heinz History Center in Pittsburgh and the National Museum of American Jewish History, has been awarded a grant from t

Wed, 2019-08-14 12:05
Congratulations to Annette Gordon-Reed, winner of the Founder’s Award, and Charles T. Cullen, winner of the Heritage Award!
Fri, 2019-05-10 14:53
Our latest document display, Rails to Rockets, commemorates two milestone anniversaries: the creation of a transcontinental railroad (150 years ago on May 10, 1869) and the Apollo moon walk (50 years ago on July 20, 1969).
Wed, 2019-04-24 17:00

The Historical Society of Pennsylvania recently announced a staff reduction as part of an action plan approved by the Board of Councilors. HSP will remain open and many services and programs will be unaffected by the changes, though others will be impacted. 

These programs and services will continue unchanged:

Fri, 2019-04-19 09:27