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New Issue of Pennsylvania Magazine of History and Biography

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

PHILADELPHIA, PA - The April 2016 issue of the Pennsylvania Magazine of History and Biography (PMHB) has now been published.

The new issue features essays exploring various facets of Pennsylvania history, an overview of recently processed collections at HSP, and book reviews. Read about grand juries in the Whiskey Rebellion trials, the effects of the Fugitive Slave Act on Maryland resident Ned Harper, James Buchanan’s "right-hand man," the failed relationship between architect Louis Kahn and Philadelphia's Mikveh Israel, and much more.

Contents include:

  • A Tale of a Whiskey Rebellion Judge: William Paterson, Grand Jury Charges, and the Trials of the Whiskey Rebels | Linda Myrsiades
  • The Tragedy of Edward "Ned" Davis: Entrepreneurial Fraud in Maryland in the Wake of the 1850 Fugitive Slave Law | Marcia C. Robinson
  • Old Buck's Lieutenant: Glancy Jones, James Buchanan, and the Antebellum Northern Democracy | Michael Todd Landis
  • Mikveh Israel and Louis Kahn: New Information | Eugene J. Johnson and Ranana Dine
  • Book reviews on topics ranging from America's "first chaplain" to Philadelphia's Chinatown.

The Pennsylvania Magazine of History and Biography, HSP's scholarly magazine published since 1877, is one of the country's most prestigious state historical journals. PMHB is a benefit of membership and is also available to individual and institutional subscribers in print & digital formats.

Online access to the full run of PMHB, from 1877 to the present, is available on JSTOR to subscribers and to upper-level HSP members. Visit for more information.

Beginning in 2016, PMHB has moved to a new schedule. The journal will now be published three times per year – in January, April, and October – allowing PMHB staff to produce a special topical issue each year.