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"Pennsylvania Pride" Free to Read Online

Monday, June 20, 2016

LGBT history in Pennsylvania is deep-rooted and diverse, encompassing the experiences of elites, celebrities, and leaders in arts and politics as well as those of the poor and marginalized. This issue of Legacies explores a few episodes and individuals in Pennsylvania's past that shed light on this history.


The issue is currently FREE to read online.

Contents include:

Window on the Collections: Unmasking "Dr. Anonymous" in the John Fryer Papers | Ain Gordon and Beth A. Twiss Houting

The Queer History of Passing as a Man in Early Pennsylvania | Jen Manion

Schoolgirl Smashes, David-and-Jonathan Relationships, and Champagne Friendships: Mining the Archive for LGBT History | Cornelia S. King and Don James McLaughlin

Sitting In, Speaking Out: Pennsylvania's Revolutionary Homophile Movement | Susan Ferentinos

Taking It to the Streets: AIDS, Race, and Protest in Philadelphia | Dan Royles

Teachers’ Turn: LGBT History—It's Time to Come Out | Amy Cohen

Generations: Lives between the Lines—Finding LGBTQ Family History | Thomas MacEntee

Legacies for Kids | Christopher A. Brown

Book and Website Reviews | Sarah Duda

Food for Thought: Building Bridges—and Communities | Mark Segal

Legacies is available as a benefit of HSP membership. Members receive a printed copy of each issue, as well as digital access to past issues. Legacies is also available as a separate subscription.