Political Cartoons: Not Just for Educators

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Political Cartoons: Not Just for Educators

2014-06-12 09:40

Archivists, historians, artists, and other political cartoon enthusiasts may be interested in a recent blog post on the Educators Blog regarding the project we're working on called "Historic Images, New Technologies" (HINT).  In the post, education intern Alicia Parks writes about "Incorporating Political Cartoons into Classrooms." 

Alicia's blog is primarily aimed at teachers, but other audiences may also be interested.  Alicia provides insights into the project, reasons why political cartoons are an important educational tool, and criteria for selecting the most useful cartoons for teachers, as well as archivists hoping to undertake an endeavor similar to HINT.

Click here to read Alicia's full post about the utility of political cartoons in the classroom.

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