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Tuesday, 5/19/09
Lecture/Panel Discussion

Join us for the opening preview of the India Merchants exhibit. Featuring a lecture by Susan S. Bean, author of Yankee India: American Commercial and Cultural Encounters with India in the Age of Sail 1784-1860 and curator of South Asian and Korean Art at the Peabody Essex Museum. Followed by an Indian music performance and a cocktail reception. Cosponsored by the Council of Indian Organizations in Greater Philadelphia.

Wednesday, 5/6/09
Teacher Workshop

This PhilaPlace project workshop will introduce teachers to Geographic Information Systems (GIS) mapping and show how it can be a valuable tool to assess immigration and ethnic change over time.

Wednesday, 4/22/09
Lecture/Panel Discussion

A lecture by Harvey Kaye on Thomas Paine and the promise of America, looking at Paine’s influence throughout American history. This June marks the 200th anniversary of Paine's death. Presented by Moonstone Inc.

Wednesday, 4/15/09
Lecture/Panel Discussion

Philadelphia has been a major manufacturer of creative neon signage since the 1930s. Len Davidson, curator of the Neon Museum of Philadelphia and author of Vintage Neon, has collected and/or preserved more than 200 vintage signs. Through slides and discussion, he will delve into the story of this electrifying folk art.

Wednesday, 4/1/09
Lecture/Panel Discussion

David Haugaard, director of research services at HSP, tells the story of the rise and fall of the flamboyant Pennsylvania governor, Sir William Keith. His strong support for the rights of Quakers, his advocacy of paper money, and his apparent sympathy for ordinary Pennsylvanians made him a truly popular governor during most of his administration.

Wednesday, 3/25/09
Lecture/Panel Discussion

What were the roles of Betsy Ross, George Washington, and Francis Hopkinson in the creation of our symbolic circle of stars flag? John Balderston Harker, a fifth-generation descendent of Betsy Ross and author of Betsy Ross's Five Pointed Star, will question the long-standing belief that Hopkinson was the designer of our First Flag. Christian Johnson of American Historic Theater will argue on behalf of Hopkinson.

Wednesday, 3/11/09

Join HSP’s Director of Conservation Tara O’Brien as she shares her expertise on conserving and preserving many of the precious documents that are housed at HSP. Ms. O'Brien will share some tricks of the trade that you can use at home, as well as more complex techniques that she uses on site.

Thursday, 3/5/09
Lecture/Panel Discussion

In celebration of Women’s History Month, HSP and GSP present Josephine Dunn, associate professor of Art History at the University of Scranton, who tells the often-overlooked story of northeastern Pennsylvania’s unconventional women and their extraordinary lives. This presentation is made possible by the Pennsylvania Humanities Council.

Monday, 2/23/09
Lecture/Panel Discussion

In celebration of the 200th anniversary of the birth of Abraham Lincoln, members of the Treasures Society and their guests are invited to join us for a cocktail reception and an opportunity to see original documents relating to Lincoln’s life and death.

Thursday, 2/19/09

Learn the story of Emilie Davis, a free African American woman who lived in Philadelphia in the 1860s. The guest speaker will be Kaye Wise Whitehead, a doctoral candidate from the University of Maryland who has been studying Emilie Davis's diaries. Whitehead will recreate the narrative of Davis's life and analyze the free black community where she lived and worked. Davis's diary will be on display.

Thursday, 2/12/09
Lecture/Panel Discussion

Civil War historian, author, and playwright Karl Purnell discusses the diverse and mostly unknown character of Abraham Lincoln. Mr. Purnell will sign his new book, Goin' A Soldierin', which can be purchased at the end of his lecture.

Thursday, 2/5/09
Lecture/Panel Discussion

Jack Fruchtman Jr., a professor of political science at Maryland’s Towson State University, will discuss how Thomas Paine turned a tax revolt into a revolution for independence with Common Sense. This June marks the 200th anniversary of Paine's death. Presented by Moonstone Inc.